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BASF eMobility Materials Matchmaker –

Has your world changed as much as ours?


New functionalities, changing requirements, and higher expectations are part of our daily reality, and this holds especially true when you are at the forefront of materializing eMobility ambitions. In a world full of complexities you can rely on BASF to provide guidance and support along the way to find the best possible solutions for the most ambitious projects.


We created the eMobility Materials Matchmaker to help you navigate our portfolio of specialised eMobility plastics. Simply search by application or requirement to find the perfect match for your next eMobility ambition. You can then continue to compare materials with each other to narrow down your preferences and if you are curious to learn more, get in touch with us. Our experts are ready to lend you the support you need.

Explore the Matchmaker to find the perfect material match for your eMobility ambition:

Note: The BASF eMobility Matchmaker is intended as a global orientation tool only and holds only an excerpt of our world reknown material portfolio. For precise material guidance and availability in different geographies, please consult with one of our experts.