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Step by step - SLENTEX in use

The innovative, aerogel-based insulating mat SLENTEX scores with numerous advantages: Thanks to its low thermal conductivity, it enables extremely thin thermal insulation composite systems, is open to diffusion and non-combustible. The flexible high-performance insulation is also suitable for demanding architectural conditions. Last but not least, SLENTEX is easy to use and can be installed in no time after a few preparations. Our video instructions show how it works.

The installation of SLENTEX requires a few minor preparations, but is then quite simple. The insulating mats can easily be cut and processed with universal or wood tools. SLENTEX can be safely attached to the wall with just standard equipment. Simply follow our step-by-step instructions.


SLENTEX® – The High-performance Insulating Material for the Highest Demands

Anyone insulating his walls with super-slim SLENTEX® mats is sure to benefit for years to come in terms of energy efficiency, thermal conductivity, home comfort and fire protection. Do you want to build a new house or upgrade an existing one? Then SLENTEX®, the new high-performance insulating material, is the ideal choice. 

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High-performance newcomer

Flexible, non-combustible, breathable and at the same time highly efficient - SLENTEX® belongs to a completely new generation of high-performance insulating materials. Expert and project manager Dr. Wibke Lölsberg will tell us first-hand where the material can best play to its strengths and what makes it special.

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