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When it comes to keeping the power on, reliability is the name of the game. Wherever electric power flows, plastics must possess excellent electrical properties together with good mechanical characteristics and also exhibit high heat resistance.

Increased demand for electrical components that are flame retardant. The need for components to be smaller but still deliver the same, if not better performance. These are just a couple of the trends that are driving both you and us. Our extensive portfolio of high performance polymers and additives as well as our technical expertise can help you find the solutions you need.

Emergency stop button made of Ultramid

Focus topic: Plastics for wallbox applications

If you want a relaxed drive with your electric car, you better have a charging station at home. Function and safety are decisive criteria here, but optics and design are also becoming more and more important. In the Wallbox Demonstrator, BASF is showing some plastic materials that are ideally suited for certain application points in a wallbox and that cover the high requirements in the wallbox sector particularly well thanks to their product performance.

Wallbox RSW Teaser

Ultramid® Ultradur® FlameRet RSW

Based on non-halogenated flame retardant additives, both materials have a UL94-V0 flame retardant classification and are easy to color. The low content of halides counteracts contact corrosion.

The Ultramid® shows low distortion and offers very high mechanical strength. The material achieves the UL94 HB flame retardant classification.

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Ultramid® B3GK24 RSW

Ultramid® DeepGloss RSW

A special polyamide for high-gloss components without additional coating. The material shows high resistance to scratches, chemicals and UV.

More about Ultramid® Deep Gloss

The first semi-crystalline and semi-transparent polyamide that allows light to pass through largely unhindered. The polyamide combines chemical, temperature and scratch resistance with colorable transparency.

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Ultramid® Vision RSW

Elastollan® RSW

The material combines properties such as abrasion resistance and flame retardancy in ideal balance with mechanics, usability and flexibility over a wide temperature range while offering strong UV, weather and ozone resistance.

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Empowering the Electric Distribution Network with BASF Plastics

BASF's E/E materials - a new quantum leap


  • Excellent  electrical performance 
  • Good mechanical properties
  • High thermal stability
  • Secure handling
  • Reduced fire risk
  • Meeting new design requirements

Range of engineering plastics for the E&E industry

Ultramid® (PA: polyamide) has good electrical insulation properties, useful sliding friction performance, and excellent mechanical strength. It is available in a wide range of flame-retardant grades, and is therefore used in almost every sector of industrial control units, connection technology, electronics as well as in household appliances.


These materials are characterized by particularly high mechanical strength, hardness, rigidity, heat resistance and resistance to hot lubricants and hot water. Parts made from it are dimensionally constant and have a high creep strength.


Ultradur®, the polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) from BASF, has a specific combination of properties making it an ideal material for particular applications in electrical engineering and electronics. It shows not only high stiffness and good thermal resistance but also exceptional dimensional stability and excellent long-term electrical and thermal performance.


Ultradur® demonstrates the full potential of its positive properties in a large number of glass-fibre-reinforced grades. Depending on the requirements, Ultradur® grades with different glass fibre contents are available as standard, also with a share of over 50%. Processed into molded parts, these Ultradur® grades are the top performers in assemblies that withstand high mechanical stresses, even at elevated temperatures, such as in the engine compartment of automobiles.


BASF’s Ultrason® grades are amorphous thermoplastics with high temperature resistance which are based on polyethersulfone (PESU), polysulfone (PSU), and polyphenylsulfone (PPSU). Particular features are their high dimensional stability and good mechanical properties that are substantially independent of temperature.


BASF's reinforced Ultrason® grades have high rigidity and strength, sometimes at high temperatures, and are available with various glass fiber contents.


The high-performance material Elastollan®, the thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) from BASF, has a versatile property profile that makes it an ideal material for applications in signal transmission and energy transfer.


Glass fiber reinforced TPU shows a very high rigidity, a low coefficient of thermal expansion and low shrinkage and very good impact strength.


Watch the videos showing our competence in E/E!

CEE plug made of Ultradur

Versatile Application Range

The application are as manifold as the properties of or products: Explore the various application possibilities!

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