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Electronics & Electric

Plastics for Circuit Protection


Cable Sheathing

Cable sheathing for the protection of valuable and sensitive energy and control lines has to meet the highest requirements.


Plug connectors are used for detachable connections of electrical lines (e.g. for service purposes). Globally, there are numerous standards for these parts of connection technology, and materials for plugs and plug connectors are subject to strict testing as well.

Electrical Components

Plastics for electrical household appliances have to meet a variety of requirements. These are based on the type of application of a component (e.g. an electrical insulator such as a plug connector or a program selector switch), and are defined in the series of standards IEC 60335.

Electrical Components for Photovoltaics

Photovoltaic installations must meet stringent demands to obtain approval for their connection technology – both in terms of safety and in terms of service life. For the electronic components of these installations, BASF has special grades of the engineering plastic Ultramid® (polyamide) and plastic additives in its range.
ultramid_circuit breaker_e_e.jpg

Miniature Circuit Breakers

Circuit breakers protect circuits and reliably cut off the power supply in case of emergency. This occurs in case of brief power surges as well as continuous overload. Plastics used for the construction of such breakers have to meet the highest demands.


Switchgears are defined as the electrical equipment in industrial applications for the control, protection and automation of low-voltage installations (<1kV). Machinery, installations ‒ in short, the entire industrial production process converts large amounts of electrical energy.

Terminal Blocks

From control panels for industrial productions to fuse boxes in private homes: Terminal blocks ensure safe currents. Plastics used to manufacture terminal blocks have to meet high requirements for fire protection and mechanical and thermal properties.