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Cable Sheathing

Cable sheathing for the protection of valuable and sensitive energy and control lines has to meet the highest requirements. 

Energy and control lines are at the heart of industrial production – short circuits frequently cause outages and downtimes at high costs. Thermoplastic polyurethane by BASF meets the high demands for such wires and cables. Properties such as abrasion, cut, tear resistance, and tensile strength, good electrical properties, resistance against oil and greases, as well as flexibility across a wide range of temperatures are in demand and are among the demonstrated strengths of Elastollan®.

Thus, the thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) Elastollan® is used for numerous specialized applications for cables and wires:


Typical applications

  • Automobile cables: antilock braking system (ABS),
    electronic stability control (ESC), traction control system (TCS), battery cables
  • Trailing cables in automation
  • Feed lines for robots and handling equipment
  • Supplying power to construction machines and devices
  • Consumer electronics
  • Exploration of raw materials
  • Special cables for wind power plants, medical
    devices and rail vehicles

In addition, Elastollan® can also be used for the corresponding plug sheathing and nozzles. Direct injection of these connector components can ensure a tight, dimensionally accurate and especially wear-resistant transition.

Plastic Additives

The wire and cable industry handles the transmission and distribution of electric power. Thermoplastic compounds and resins are primarily used in insulation and jacketing. Polymer selection depends on voltage classification. BASF heat and light stabilization packages and metal deactivator systems make these polymers highly durable and enable them to resist heat stress and degradation on exposure to light and in permanent contact with conducting materials.

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