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Electrical Components for Household Appliances

Plastics for electrical household appliances have to meet a variety of requirements. These are based on the type of application of a component (e.g. an electrical insulator such as a plug connector or a program selector switch) and are defined in the series of standards IEC 60335.


Engineering Plastics

BASF engineering plastics are used as electrical insulators (e.g. for plug connectors, sensors, actuators): The highly specialized Ultramid® (B3U50G6) flame-retardant grade is especially suitable for this application.

The light-colorable grade reliably meets the household appliance standard IEC 60335–1 (glow-wire test, GWIT 800°C at 1 millimeter where standard only requires 775°C) and provides a particularly high flowability. The new flame retardant­ system used in Ultramid® (B3U50G6) is not halogen-based and contains no antimony compounds. This allows to achieve good values with regard to smoke density and smoke toxicity as well as to comply with WEEE and RoHS directives.

The new grade is particularly suitable for use in connectors and program switches in unattended household appliances. The household appliance standard IEC 60335–1 raised the requirements placed on plastics to be used in electrical components of unattended household appliances. These include primarily washing machines, dishwashers, tumble dryers as well as stoves and ovens, but also smaller devices fitted with a timer function such as coffee makers.

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Plastic Additives for Housing Applications

E&E appliances used outdoors need to be shielded from environmental impacts. E&E equipment used indoors must protect users against the hazards associated with electrical power. Plastics have become increasingly popular for housings, thanks to their versatility in design and esthetics, their effectiveness in processing and use, their lightweight and their broad range of performance features. BASF offers a wide variety of heat and light stabilizers, pigments and dyes for almost all plastic materials used in housings. These additives enable plastics to maintain outstanding performance throughout the life of an electrical appliance.

All additives fulfill stringent regulations such as WEEE and RoHS. Recommended BASF additives for housings: Irganox®, Irgafos®, Chimassorb®, Tinuvin® and Uvinul®.

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