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Let's put your footwear to the top - excite to win.

Nothing in the footwear industry stands still. It´s a constant race to develop new technologies that anticipate new trends and changing demands. A shoe that is lighter, or has more energy return, or is slip resistant or has a specific design geared to running a marathon or strolling around the neighborhood. 

We are in the race to win it. Through exciting innovation. 

We deliver high performance footwear materials for all types of shoes and soles – from safety shoes to running shoes to casual shoes. With our portfolio of polyurethane systems, thermoplastic polyurethanes and engineering thermoplastics, we offer you a unique and integrated toolbox of solutions. We do not only have material expertise, we have a full understanding of the value chain – from how the foam is produced to how to attach the shoe sole. That knowledge can help you find new and more cost effective ways to bring your product to market. 

The race is on. And together we are going to win it.

Excite to win.

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Product Properties Description


Elastopan® is the step change of PU solutions in footwear. With vast possibilities of customization, excellent technical support and next level of performance enhancing functionality it constantly reinvents itself to finish first in the productivity and innovation race.


Elastollan® secures high performance across a broad variety of TPU applications – in the footwear industry and beyond. Its versatility and adaptability to automation is key in shaping the exciting products that market success is made of.
Infinergy® E-TPU Infinergy® E-TPU revolutionized the performance footwear industry. Exceeding all expectations in performance and comfort, its iconic design is a success from start to finish with customers.

Versatile Application Range

The application are as manifold as the properties of or products: Explore the various application possibilities!


Young Wild City - Footwear Design Contest 2017

XI edition of the competition that calls for the creation of a sneaker model to be proposed on a shape and a sole developed especially for the project.

Innovative Solutions for the Footwear Industry


In a market characterized by high sophisticated production technology, the characteristics of the chosen material are requested to be at the top. 

Extremely light, outstanding durability, comfortable to wear and excellent running properties – no problem with our PU, TPU or E-TPU materials in sports footwear.


High international standards have to be fulfilled when it comes to the manufacturing of safety and working shoes. 

Under “Functional Coatings – Haptic”, BASF develops and markets innovative coating technologies for highly flexible substrates.

Visit us at trade fairs and exhibitions


BASF at Simac Tanning Tech 2019

Find out about BASF's presentation of new products and innovations at Simac Tanning Tech 2019! Including helpful informations about Ultrasim® which makes it possible to design highly stressed lightweight shanks.

BASF at A+A Fair

Learn more about BASF's latest innovations in safety shoes -  at our booth at the A+A Fair in Düsseldorf. BASF and i-generator have completely redesigned the safety shoe: Meet our new concept shoe "LIMITLESS", using materials and breakthrough ideas never seen before in safety footwear.

Applications of our products

Learn more about the diverse uses of our materials.


Footwear Design Contest by Politecnico Calzaturiero 

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All information in one place: From technical articles, case studies and brochures, to data sheets and certificates.

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For Safety Data Sheets on Elastopan®, please contact our PU Infopoint. Our experts are also happy to provide you with any other information.


Get in touch with our Elastollan® Infopoint for further information.


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Market Segment Manager – Footwear, Sports and Leisure


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Market Development Manager – Footwear, Sports and Leisure  


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Account Manager

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More Information

All information in one place: From technical articles, case studies and brochures, to data sheets and certificates.