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The basis: A sole developed by Linda Lipari and Renzo Tramonte

TL DESIGN is born of the union of two generations of designers capable of creating innovative styles with great attention to detail.


Renzo Tramonte confirms his role of leading stylist, especially in the Italian region of Marche with a youthful and elegant style, very popular with the major brands with whom he has collaborated as a trendsetter. The capacity to develop a fashion product does not depend only on style, but also on the structure. There are multiple facets of footwear to be studied and structure is just one of them.
Tramonte also excels in the technical aspects with creativity. His studies are always innovative and each structure has a specific collocation within a trend.

Linda Lipari, as a designer with experience in various fields of fashion, completes the project together with Renzo Tramonte, lending a global vision to the product. The united forces of these two designers therefore creates a mix of experience and originality. The Young Wild City project is born of a desire to mix metropolitan trends with natural trends, in particular with the world of animals. The combination of these two characteristics was very interesting because it offered the possibility to highlight the ‘gritty’ aspects of both worlds.

The designers sought to evoke metropolitan trends with geometries of clean-cut yet embracing lines, recalling the chaotic streets that cross a major metropolis, mixing them with the wild part that represents the animal world, from big cats to the shark, and everything the represents strength and mettle. The union of these ideas gave rise to a sporty sole with multiple colour variations, capable of standing out for its bold and original line.

From design to modus

The graphic project was interpreted and created by Mega Stampi srl. After the creation of the model with the right proportions of the sole, the BASF technicians decided on the materials best-suited for its production. The next phase of creating the moulds was done by Mega Stampi srl. The moulding of the TPU outsole and the PU midsole was carried out by VI&VI srl.

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