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Footwear Design Contest 2021

Many of us remember the difficult months when we could only observe the world from home, living in a "bubble" from which we were barely able to perceive everything that was happening outside and in which reality seemed to be filtered around us. This period served as inspiration for the theme of the 15th edition of the Footwear Design Contest. Find out how 35 students from the Scuola di Design e Tecnica della Calzatura created their own interpretation of a unisex sneaker.

This years winner shoe

This type of project enabled me to focus on how to create a real and wearable shoe from a story. It may not be readily grasped, but in any case represents a fundamental added value of every project.

Alvise Barbieri


Check out the video with 2021 Footwear Design Contest winner Alvise Barbieri here:

BASF Simac Willenbrink und Barbieri.mp4
BASF Simac Fabrizio und Designer.mp4

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The inspiration behind the shoe sole

From our two "bubbles", distant but near thanks to technology, we gave free rein to all our creativity and inventiveness to resolve any problem even in the most absurd and fundamental way, as long as we could continue our work: cutting, sewing, assembling everything in video calls or via webcam. This gave rise to our sole: a transparent tread made of multiple bubbles.

Giulia Antonucci and Valentina Caoduro



External part with Elastopan® Polyurethane System

Filler with Elastopan® Light Sport Polyurethane System

Heel insert (three color variants): Elastollan® Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU)


Elastollan® Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) (three color variants) 

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