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The use of renewable energy has become increasingly popular in recent years due to concerns about climate change and the finite nature of fossil fuels. Countries around the world are investing heavily in renewable energy infrastructure as a way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and achieve energy independence. BASF is contributing to that through large investments in wind or solar farms itself combined with innovative ideas to design components for wind and solar systems sustainably with plastic.

Ultramid® 8233G HS BK106

Flat roof mount

  • Meets UL 2703 requirements with high thermal aging resistance (RTI's > 90° C) and outdoor weatherability (f1)
  • Long-term UV performance (29+ years) 
  • High stiffness, strength
  • Allows for design flexibility and faster assembly vs. metals

Ultramid® A3X  product series

Photovoltaic connector

  • Excellent impact strength
  • High stiffness
  • Non-halogenated flame retardant
  • Meets UL 6703 requirements

Ultradur® flame retardant portfolio


  • Excellent electrical insulation (CTI 600) 
  • Non-halogenated

Ultramid® A and Ultramid® Advanced flame-retardant portfolio 

Junction box

  • Good impact resistance 
  • Great electrical insulation
  • Excellent thermal aging resistance 
  • Meets UL 3730 requirements for PV junction boxes

PU cast elastomers: Elasturan®

Blade add-ons

  • High durability/low abrasion 
  • Adaptable material performance 

PU cast material Elasturan®

Leading edge protection 

  • Customization possible 
  • High durability also under strong mechanical load
  • TPU film aromatic or aliphatic 
  • Significant higher durability 

PU infusion: Elastocoat® C

Blade shell infusion

  • Main geometry of the blade
  • Faster curing at lower temperature than competitive material, resulting in reduced production costs 
  • Thinner parts possible due to higher mechanical strength

PU foam

Balsa wood replacement/core material

  • Distribute stress and load
  • Sustainable due to Balsa wood deforestation
  • Stable material property (VS natural product)
  • Lightweight

PU infusion: Elastocoat® C

Shear web

  • Increase stiffness, uptake shear strength
  • Faster curing at lower temperature than competitive material, leading to reduced production costs
  • Thinner parts possible due to higher mechanical strength

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