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Ultraform® PRO (POM) & Ultradur® PRO (PBT) at a glance

High performance plastics with highest formulation consistency

We offer engineering plastics that have been optimized not only for medical applications (PRO = Profile covered Raw materials Only) but also with a comprehensive service package that guarantees formulation consistency and safety – from the raw material through to the patient.


Ultraform® PRO (POM, copolymeric polyoxymethylene) is a semi-crystalline copolymeric engineering plastic.

Ultraform Pro_Skin Stretcher.jpg
Skin stretcher made of Ultraform® PRO. The PRO products fully meet the requirements of surgeons to be 100% precise with best possible performance.
  • High crystallinity
  • Ideal combination of strength, stiffness and toughness
  • Outstanding tribological properties, i. e. low friction and wear, very good sliding properties
  • Excellent thermal and oxidative stability,
    high resistance to heat deflection (continuous temperatures of up to 100 °C)
  • Very good resilience (spring properties)
  • High dimensional precision and stability
  • Excellent chemical and hydrolysis resistance
  • Good processability
Ultraform®  PRO Description 
N2320 003 PRO AT Standard flow, unreinforced / unfilled 
S1320 PRO AT Easy flow, unreinforced / unfilled, increased stiffness
S2320 003 PRO AT Easy flow, unreinforced / unfilled
S2320 003 PRO TR AT Easy flow, tribological modified
W2320 003 PRO AT Very easy flow, unreinforced / unfilled 

Ultradur® PRO (PBT, polybutylene terephthalate) is a semi-crystalline engineering plastic, which is part of the polyester family of resins.

Insulin pens_Ultradur_PRO.jpg
Ultraform® PRO and Ultradur® PRO for functional and mechanical components e.g. in insulin pens/ auto injectors.
  • High dimensional stability due to improved shrinkage behavior
  • Ideal sliding and wear resistance
  • Broad chemical resistance to polar and non-polar solvents
  • High reproducibility  and accuracy in molding parts
  • Low water / moisture absorption
  • Excellent heat aging behavior
  • Good moldability with fast cycles
Ultradur®  PRO Description 
B4521 PRO Standard flow, unreinforced / unfilled 
B4521 PRO TR Standard flow, tribological modified
Explosionsgrafik Inhaler.jpg
The pairing of components made of Ultraform® PRO and Ultradur® PRO Offers extraordinary tribological synergy effects.

Tribological modified Ultraform® PRO TR and Ultradur® PRO TR grades are including a special lubricant which offers improved siding properties in terms of exceptional low friction and low wear properties for complex mechanical devices.

  • No squeaking or noise while being used
  • Suitable for dry run applications
  • No external lubrication required - elimination of post siliconization process steps in production
  • No running-in effects
  • Smooth-running operation from the beginning
  • Low breakaway forces

Our medical application range 

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BASF has not designed or tested its plastics with respect to all of the special requirements related to their use in medical devices and pharmaceutical applications. Therefore, BASF makes no warranties concerning the suitability of any BASF plastics for use in any medical device and pharmaceutical applications. Subject to an evaluation and a release in each individual case and, if necessary, acceptance of a disclaimer by the customer, BASF is in general prepared to supply plastics for medical applications. However, BASF does not supply its plastics for the manufacture of implants in any risk class. In all cases the BASF customer has to establish from their own experience and from tests on BASF plastics, that these plastics are suitable for the manufacture of products for medical applications or pharmaceutical applications and the customers have to ensure that the medical device or pharmaceutical application manufactured using BASF plastics is safe, lawful and technically suitable for the intended use.