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We support our customers in developing application-oriented solutions, which is why we offer Autofroth® systems tailored to individual needs. Below you’ll find key examples of industries where Autofroth® polyurethane systems excel.

Autofroth® for Commercial Refrigeration

With its zero global warming potential and excellent thermal properties, Autofroth® polyurethane foam systems offer an energy efficient solution to insulate different types of refrigeration units.  

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Autofroth® for Marine Applications

Autofroth® is used as flotation or structural foam for marine applications. These foams are frothy with rapid cream time and have high dimensional stability with low shrinkage. With zero hydrofluorochlorine (HFCs) and no ozone depletion potential, it’s an ideal marine solution. Molded samples tested at an independent laboratory passed the U.S. Coast Guard immersion tests, meeting or exceeding performance criteria prescribed in 33 CFR 183.114 and ASTM D2842. They also passed the Canadian Coast Guard immersion tests, meeting or exceeding the requirements outlined in Canadian Coast Guard TP 1332.


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Autofroth® for Refrigeration Trucks (Reefer)

Autofroth® polyurethane foam is used to insulate refrigerated trucks, something it excels at thanks to its strong thermal properties. With low global warming potential and zero ozone depletion value, it also provides environmentally friendly benefits.

Road transport with a refrigerated trailer.

Autofroth® for Endless Possibilities

When we partner together, the applications are virtually infinite. The technical experts at BASF are here to discuss how Autofroth® polyurethane foams can help you meet specific objectives within your application or explain how we can configure our dispensing system to meet your needs.

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