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Basotect® – The Versatile Melamine Resin Foam

Sound absorption, fire resistance, thermal insulation or abrasiveness: Basotect® combines many requirements for high-performance foam in one product. In construction and industrial applications, in the automotive and transportation sectors, but also in consumer applications, Basotect® provides a great variety of options.

Basotect® Offers You Many Advantages

  • High sound absorption capacity
  • Good thermal insulation properties
  • Low weight
  • Abrasiveness
  • Flame resistance – without the addition of flame retardants
  • Constant physical properties over a wide temperature range

Highlight: Basotect® for ideal sound absorption and design in offices, restaurants and meeting rooms

Basotect® ensures optimal room acoustics: Particularly in noisy rooms like large offices or call centers, it is important to pay special attention to noise absorption. Disruptive noise can make it difficult for employees to concentrate. And when walls, ceilings, and floors are also hard surfaces that reflect sound, the resulting high noise level can make it impossible for people to work efficiently.

The same is true for restaurants: A pleasant and engaging atmosphere is of key importance here. Noise has a negative impact on how guests feel, which is why sound insulation requires particular attention. The challenge is to find the right material to meet the perfect design.

Basotect® can meet all these demands for sound absorption in offices and restaurants: It is versatile, flame-retardant and light weight – and it can fit in with any architectural features, whether used as ceiling tiles, hanging baffles, wall-mounted absorbers, or room dividers.

Here are some examples of offices, restaurants and meeting venues that reduced noise successfully with Basotect®

Basotect® Acoustic Insulation

Basotect® acoustic insulation in Spanish design hotel

Basotect® Brazilian Restaurant

Design sound insulation made from Basotect®
in Brazilian restaurant

Basotect® Guggenheim

A perfect mixture of art, architecture and chemistry

Basotect® Quieter Working Turkey

Quieter working atmosphere in BASF Turkey’s new open office building

To get the full picture, read our extensive brochure on „Room Acoustics and Design“ with Basotect®:

Basotect® Acoustics and Design Brochure Thumbnail


Room Acoustics and Design

Basotect® WAVE Acoustics Modules

WAVE acoustic modules made of Basotect®, Späh, D



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Basotect® is a flexible, open-cell foam made from melamine resin – a duroplastic synthetic material. A typical characteristic is the intricate spatial mesh structure that is formed by thin ribs that can therefore be bent into shape easily. Basotect® has excellent sound absorption properties, a low weight, high temperature resistance and low flammability.

Basotect® allows significant acoustic improvement in, for example, restaurants, reception areas, meeting rooms, and airplane cabins. However, Basotect® is not only the ideal solution for acoustic insulation. With its very good thermal insulation properties and easy processing, Basotect® also impresses with respect to thermal insulation and air conditioning technology.

In automobile manufacturing, Basotect® can be pressed into precisely contoured components, and thus offers optimum sound proofing. At the same time it can also function as a thermal shield in the engine compartment, for example.

A very different application option can be found in everyday life: With its flexible micro structure and gentle, abrasive effect, Basotect® effortlessly cleans tiles, glass ceramic stove tops, and stained wallpaper ‒ without the additional use of additional cleaning agents. Furthermore, you are using a product that was tested for harmful substances, because Basotect is OEKO-TEX® certified.

Properties of Basotect®

Sound Absorption

Basotect®’s open-cell surface guarantees that sound waves are not reflected as an echo but can penetrate the cell structure unhindered. The sound energy is reduced in the cell structure, giving Basotect® an excellent sound absorption capacity. At low frequencies, improved sound can be achieved by adding layers of a heavier material for example.

Basotect® Product Range

Basotect® B: 2500mmx1250mmx500mm

Basotect® G+: 2500mmx1250mmx500mm

Basotect® TG: 2500mmx1320mmx500mm

Basotect® UF+: 2500mmx1250mmx500mm

Basotect® UL: 2500mmx1250mmx500mm

Basotect® W: 2500mmx1250mmx500mm

Versatile applications with Basotect®

Successful Customer Projects

Proven in practice: These case studies demonstrate the successful use of Basotect® in customer projects.




Basotect® Talgo train

Basotect® in the Talgo high-speed train

The Spanish train manufacturer Talgo uses Basotect® as interior cladding

Basotect® Boiler Room

Basotect® acoustic panels for a quieter boiler room

Basotect® was installed onto the outside surface of the deaerator tank at BASF site in Wyandotte

Basotect® Gleaming floors

Gleaming floors without the use of cleaning agents

Basotect® is used as floor pads in standard cleaning machines

Processing of Basotect®

Basotect® is supplied in the form of foam blocks to processors for further processing. This is where the product is cut into multi-dimensional shapes by slitting, milling, sawing and stamping to form the required contour. The elastic resilience of panels made of Basotect® also allows the use of shaped cutting.

Processing Notes

Processing of any semifinished products, like Basotect®, by e.g. cutting or sawing can lead to dust formation. Any dust that might be produced during certain processing steps should be removed by vacuum directly at the cutting site. Wearing a dust mask during these tasks is recommended. Unlike products based on fibres, Basotect® is an open-cellular foam. Basotect® is therefore not associated with any irritating effects caused by the release of fibers, and so there is no need for additional safety measures during handling and transportation.

Due to the absorption behavior of melamine resin and the open-cell structure of the foam, the moisture content of the material changes with the ambient conditions. This is associated with changes in dimensions that occur similarly in the case of wood, concrete or clay tiles. This behavior must be taken into consideration during processing. The foam blocks, which are delivered sealed in PE film, must be unpacked and stored for several days prior to processing under atmospheric conditions corresponding to the blocks’ later use.

Basotect® for Major Industry Sectors

The applications are as manifold as its product properties: Explore the various industries Basotect® can be employed in!