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Elastotite® ROCK GLUE Resilient Erosion Control

Resilient and durable, ROCK GLUE is a highly effective solution for erosion control and slope protection. ROCK GLUE is an open-pored revetment solution that maintains structural integrity and can be used in a variety of applications including drainage channels, culverts, shorelines, rivers, railroad beds, and other embankments.


ROCK GLUE offers significant design flexibilty for integration into natural landscapes. The monolithic, porous structure easily conforms into various shapes and promotes natural re-vegetation.


Product Highlights

  • Porous and water-permeable

  • Strong and resistant to weathering

  • Reduces wave run-up

  • Lower cost for construction and maintenance

  • Seamless integration into environment

  • Restores flora and fauna; protecting neighboring habitats

A Structurally Stable Solution

ROCK GLUE binds aggregate to generate an open porous structure that dissipates water energy, thereby reducing the impact of breaking waves and heavy flows. The permeable design allows for expansion and contraction of water, eliminating damage from freeze-thaw cycles. A proven resilient solution, ROCK GLUE can withstand extreme weather events including heavy floods and typhoons.

Typical Applications

ROCK GLUE can be used for many different applications, including: 

  • Coastline
  • Riverine
  • High flow areas
  • Highway drainage
  • Railroads
  • Golf courses
  • Mining
  • Stormwater management
  • Rain gardens
  • Culverts
  • Green roofs


ROCK GLUE revetments are resilient erosion control solutions. To ensure the structure performs to BASF's highest standards, it is required that the design follows a comprehensive set of guidelines for design, construction, and maintenance

For more information, consult design guide or contact

Installation Process

Construction of ROCK GLUE revetments can be completed using traditional lightweight construction equipment. The following images are a schematic of ROCK GLUE installation.

Step 1:  Slope preparation


Step 2:  Spreading of geotextile

Step 6:  Place ROCK GLUE covered aggregate

Step 7:  Level ROCK GLUE covered aggregate

Step 8:  Completed ROCK GLUE reventment


Extensive studies have been completed on ROCK GLUE with various aquatic organisms and water chemistry environments. 


Sustainability studies of ROCK GLUE were conducted using three main criteria; eco-effiiency, building materials and waste, and cost effectiveness.

An eco-efficiency analysis was completed on ROCK GLUE used to calculate ecological impact over its life cycle. The analysis compared an installation of ROCK GLUE revetment versus other traditionalerosion protection solutions. ROCK GLUE had a lower ecological impact in 5 of the 6 categories measured. ROCK GLUE uses renewable raw materials in its composition. 

For more information, consult design guide or contact