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Elastocoat® – A coat that's here to spray

For coating of surfaces, the high-tech Polyurea system Elastocoat® is unbeatable. Whether used on parking decks, loading ramps or chemical tanks, Elastocoat® Polyurea provides enduring protection. Also for facades and roofs, Elastocoat® provides lasting protection and is rapidly applied, too.

Elastocoat®: However tough the punishment, our coatings last longer

Elastocoat® is the high-tech spraying system from BASF for the reliable and lasting protection of all surfaces, be they of wood, concrete, bitumen or steel. The high-pressure spraying system can be applied to virtually all substrates with a corresponding primer and cures extra fast. While other materials take a long time to through-harden, Elastocoat® is tack-free in just a few seconds and cures fully in two hours. With its properties, it is the ideal solution for many challenges – as a quick, efficient and lasting seal.


The Advantages of Elastocoat® for coating of floors, facades and roofs

  • Perfect surface seal
  • Cures in seconds
  • Adapts to any surface
  • Permanently elastic
  • Wear-resistant
  • Slip-resistant and noise-abating

Enduring protection of all surfaces with Elastocoat®

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