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Elastofoam® I: A Combination of a Flexible Foam Core and a Compact, Tough Skin

Elastofoam® I is especially distinguished for its decorative surface finish. The integral foam is extensively employed in the automotive and furniture industries producing steering wheels, gear shift knobs, seat shells, armrests as well as in engine compartment heavy duty uses for cable encapsulation, engine covers, oil pan covers, grommets and gaskets in filter elements.


Advantages of Elastofoam® I:

  • Decorative surface finish, high abrasion resistance
  • Resistant to mechanical stress and chemicals
  • Elastic even after continuous stress
  • Added layer of water-based in-mold coating can be incorporated to provide UV-stability and multi-tone color options
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Cost-effective, One-shot processing for foams with integrated, attractive surface

Elastofoam® I is a two-component polyurethane integral foam system that combines a lightweight flexible foam core with a compact, tough skin, in one single-step. Elastofoam® I‘s high abrasion resistance, elasticity and superior mechanical properties helps decorative surface finish achieve its pleasant soft touch.


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