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Performance Polymers

PURSpa: Elastospray® and Elastocast® technologies tailored to the spa industry

BASF, a leading global manufacturer of polyurethane foam, is recognized worldwide for our commitment to unsurpassed quality and long-lasting value. Research and technical expertise ensures our PURSpa portfolio provides high-quality, innovative spa solutions for your business.

Benefits of Polyurethane Foam 

  • Improves structural support and durability 
  • Increased energy efficiency compared to traditional insulation 
  • HBF rated systems available 
  • Low water permeance can extend longevity of the insulation performance 
  • Adhesion to ABS 


Hydromassage pool. Illuminated pool. Rest outside the city. Cottage with hydromassage pool. Hot tub in the background of the cottage. Outdoor hot tub.

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