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Elasturan®: Cold-cast Elastomers, Two-component PU High-performance Systems

Elasturan® cold-cast elastomers are two-component PU high-performance systems. The PU system is an extremely efficient material for manufacturing specialised parts in especially high-load areas of industry.


Key Advantages of Elasturan®

  • High dynamic resilience
  • Top mechanical stability
  • Low friction levels
  • Extremely low deformation
  • High flexibility
Storm water tank, Port Arthur, North America / Regenwassertank, ,Storm water tank, Port Arthur, North America / Regenwassertank, Port Arthur, Nordamerika

Elasturan® HP is versatile, flexible, and it is a material that doesn't buckle - even under heavy loads. The PU system offers not just an incredible versatility of application, but also guarantees a high degree of efficiency and reliability. The material comes up trumps for instance, in industrial conveyor-belt production, where even the shortest interruption or hold-up can become a financial and logistical headache.

Because of its robustness, durability and form stability, Elasturan® HP is unsurpassable in the manufacture of specialised parts. It's also ideal for road-building and snow-clearing, agriculture, logistics and transport industries where toughness and absolute weather-resistance is vital.

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