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Performance Polymers

SLENTEX®(PU) – The high-performance insulating material for the highest demands


BASF SLENTEX® is NON-COMBUSTIBLE HIGH-PERFORMACE AEROGEL insulation blanket, commercially available.  SLENTEX® can solve insulation continuity problems in areas with limited space or with curved and irregular surfaces.  Suggested uses are foundations, slab edges/under slab, and exterior wall applications/penetration in the USA as well as Canada. 


The benefits of SLENTEX® for the construction industry

  • SLENTEX® is non-combustible (in accordance with ASTM E136 and CAN/ULC-S114)
  • Mineral-based product 
  • Low declared thermal conductivity 19 mW/m·K

    R-value of 7.9 Hr·ft2·°F/BTU per inch for 25 – 50% slimmer thermal insulation systems

  • Open to diffusion (68 Perms)
  • Amendable to flexible processing – suitable for specialized insulation requirements

SLENTEX® is a flexible high-performance inorganic aerogel insulation suitable for both new build and renovation.  SLENTEX® exhibits excellent thermal insulation allowing for a high degree of design freedom and enabling very slim construction systems for insulation.  Whether historically protected facades, building elements, or uneven brickwork, SLENTEX® can be applied flexibly where other insulation materials typically reach their limits.

What's new?

Read our exciting story on how famous American architect Ray Kappe decided to use SLENTEX® for a private home in Berlin.

BASF_Corpus_Gertler Residence

To all owners/ developers, architects/ engineers and contractors looking for the next generation of high-performance building materials, this technology should definitely be in your specifications! Developers wishing to maximize rentable square footage, architects trying to solve a difficult thermal envelope challenge and contractors looking to tackle difficult to insulate areas in the field will all benefit from aerogel insulation. Because this new high-performance insulation material, SLENTEX®, offers totally new design scope, as it can be used impactfully in areas where conventional insulation materials have reached their limits. SLENTEX® is the next generation of insulation based on an inorganic aerogel in mat form. With a thermal conductivity of declared 19 mW/m·K (R-value of 7.9 Hr·ft2·°F/BTU per inch), the insulation material displays outstanding energy efficiency – while being non-combustible in accordance with ASTM E136 & CAN/ULC-S114. SLENTEX® also delivers customized climate management by being water-repellent (i.e. super hydrophobic) while water vapor permeable (68 Perms).  In addition, its flexible mineral fiber structure permits a great deal of scope of design and creativity.


ICC-ES Evaluation Report | ICC-ES Listing Reports available online 

 SLENTEX® is a non-combustible high-performance aerogel insulation blanket, and the ICC-ES evaluation report ESR-4281 provides guidance to code officials faced with approving the use of SLENTEX® under these codes.  The evaluation report is available online at


Architectural Guide Specifications available for Architects and Material Specifiers in the United States and Canada


Excellent Thermal Insulation across a Wide Range of Temperatures  

SLENTEX® is not only an excellent thermal insulation material for construction applications, but can be used in a variety of consumer and transportation applications where superior R-value across a wide range of temperature is strongly desired for applications with space constraint.

Flexible Thermal Insulation Solution

Tailor-made Solutions

Tailor-made for individual needs: We support our customers in developing application-oriented solutions.

ROMA Dämmsysteme, Buttenwiesen, Referenzobjekt "Terra Tec", Bludenz-Bings, Österreich


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