Ultramid® Advanced N
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Ultramid® Advanced N (PPA) – the new superhero for engineers

Ultramid® Advanced N is a new polyphthalamide by BASF with an excellent property profile: The compound portfolio, which is based on long alkyl chain polyphthalamides, offers excellent mechanics at elevated temperatures. In addition, the PPA compounds can withstand humidity and contact with challenging media while maintaining their strength. The low water uptake results in a dimensional stability of the plastic parts in humid environments which is among the highest of all polyamides.

No matter if thermostat housing, gear wheel, pumps or LED housing components – with these outstanding properties, Ultramid® Advanced N is the ideal problem-solving material for many demanding applications – the superhero for engineers facing new challenges!

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Ultramid® Advanced

Ultramid® Advanced

Get to know our Ultramid® Advanced portfolio – PPAssion for perfection.

Ultramid<sup>®</sup> Advanced T1000

Ultramid® Advanced T1000 

Ultramid® Advanced T1000 is a polyphthalamide (PPA) with the strongest and stiffest compounds offering stable mechanical properties up to temperatures of about 120°C. One T for a 1000 tasks!

Ultramid<sup>®</sup> Advanced T2000 Header

Ultramid® Advanced T2000

Ultramid® Advanced T2000 is the polyphthalamide (PPA) that combines excellent mechanical with dielectric strength at high temperatures for E&E connectors. It is a versatile alternative to metal in specific humid conditions.

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