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Laboratory for Parts Testing, Optimization and Joining Technologies

We work on complex technical challenges in the field of plastics development and application. For this, a variety of test equipment as well as facilities for different joining technologies are available. We provide technical support for development and sales for all BASF sites and for customers worldwide.


BASF supports the entire design process by providing a complete development environment, starting from design support and CAE methods in the early stages up to validation experiments and experimental parts optimization in the later design phases.


Ultratest™ includes many different destructive and non-destructive testings and analyses.
Among these are the following:

  • Ageing under influence of heat, climate and/ or chemicals (also explosion-proof)
  • Temperature shock tests (also explosion-proof)
  • Static tests under different mechanical loads (also with temperature and humidity control)
  • Impact tests (crash, drop test, head impact, stone impact)
  • Vibration and shock tests by electrodynamic shakers (optionally with superimposed temperature and climate profiles, internal pressure load, flow through)
  • Static and transient burst pressure tests (also at low or elevated temperatures)
  • Cyclic internal pressure tests with superimposed temperature or climate profiles
  • Flow tests without/with pressure cycles, superimposed temperature profiles and temperature differences fluid / environment
  • Tightness tests
  • Acoustic analyses on material and parts level (e.g. sound absorption, acoustic emission, noise analysis)
  • Modal analyses
  • Optical measuring techniques (3D digitalization of parts, 3D deformation analyses under mechanical and thermal loading, analysis of short term dynamics with the aid of high-speed cameras)
  • Contactless temperature field measurements
  • Non-destructive structural analyses by means of industrial computer tomography
  • Tests with specific equipment (in-house development and CAD design) according to customer requirements


Ultrajoin™ includes support regarding the following techniques:



  • Hot gas welding
  • Hot plate welding
  • IR welding
  • Laser welding (incl. laser transparency measurement)
  • Ultrasonic welding
  • Vibration welding


Adhesive bonding

Snap joining

Screw joining

Special technologies

Laser marking


Simulation – manufacturing – testing:

We offer further services for developing your plastic component:
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