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Innovative material solutions for electric vehicle charging infrastructure 

Gravel road at a golden Sunset with Vestrahorn mountain in the background and a car driving the road in Iceland

BASF eMobility webinar series in cooperation with Automotive World

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Ultramid® XP - A novel innovative product portfolio for demanding metal replacement

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Polymer Solutions for eMobility

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Ultramid® B3PG6 BK23238 - Novel & Global PA6 GF30

Video_Thumbnail_Surface-improved structural Ultramid® _1.jpg

Surface-improved structural Ultramid® grades with optimized VOC emissions

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ChemCyclingTM Project - Chemistry powers Sustainability

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The new star among the standards- the heat-stabilized Ultramid® B3PG6


Webinar on the new Ultradur® RX for high-performance radar sensors


VisionVenture by Creation Center

Discover more about our Creation Center concept with Andreas Maegerlein, leader Creation Center Europe. Furthermore, get some insights on the VisionVenture project with the project leader Anne Lena Ebmeyer.

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Elastollan® N - BASF’s biobased Thermoplastic Polyurethane

Video_Thumbnail_Schwalbe's Aerothan Tube made of Elastollan®_1.jpg

Schwalbe's Aerothan Tube made of Elastollan®

video_thumbnail_Elastollan means more_1.JPG

Elastollan® Means More – BASF’s Thermoplastic Polyurethane

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PBT Innovations for thin-wall packaging

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One fits all – Ultradur® (PBT) for packaging


BASF at K 2019: One fits all – Ultradur® for extrusion and thermoforming 

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The new Ultradur® for extrusion by BASF - Extrusion processability

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Be inspired by new options: Ultramid® and Ultradur®

Webinar_Composites_Toyota Tundra _case study .mp4

Toyota Tundra Seat Structrure 

Webinar2021_Composites _The materials and processes driving composites fabrication.mp4

Composite 101 using Polyurethane


The Hidden World of the Composite Chassis

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