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Performance Polymers

Dealing with the Toughest of Tasks in Material Handling

Performance Polymers can withstand the rigors while exhibiting good electrical insulation and favorable sliding-friction behavior. These properties of our products ensure that machines run smoothly to attain effortless and efficient material handling.


For efficient material handling, polymers play an important role. When polymers are applied in parts of the tools used for material handling, it is durable and efficient. The durability of such tools is of particular importance as it is utilized from the handling of products to manufacturing, distribution and packaging.

Our materials provide versatility, functionality and are durable enough to handle long operating and heavy duties covered in material handling over many cycles. This is also achieved without any loss in performance. Additionally, it helps to increase efficiency of the systems.


Conveyor belts coated with Cellasto® for example, excel due to their excellent grip and high tear propagation resistance thus rendering them extremely safe, particularly for the transportation of flat glass.

Further Application Possibilities

Our application range is as manifold as the properties of our products: Explore further application possibilities!

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