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Performance Polymers

Safety for Patients, Reliability for Processors

The medical market is a demanding market. When it comes to people's health, there can be no compromise. The manufacturers of medical applications, therefore, have to deal with very stringent state directives and very high development costs.


High-performance Plastics, Outstanding Service

We offer different plastics for the special requirements of the medical industry, including the engineering plastics Ultraform® PRO and Ultradur® PRO together with a comprehensive service package of approvals and the documented intention of formulation consistency for up to 36 months. The two high-performance plastics specially optimized for medical applications can be used predominantly in inhalers, insulin pens, atomizing devices and measuring equipment.

The thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer (TPU) Elastollan® is also particularly suitable for medical applications.  It is highly transparent, chemically resistant, extremely tear resistant and flexible. Thus it is particularly suitable for the production of medical devices such as infusion sets, catheters for vesical installation or wound dressings.

Engineering Plastics with the Highest Formulation Consistency

The key features of the medical industry are long-term developments and a cost-intensive approval procedure. It is therefore important that the reliability of the materials used is shown by in-depth tests series – and that these materials do not change their formulation, even in the long term.

Together with its plastics from the PRO family (PRO = Profile covered Raw materials Only), we, therefore, offer a comprehensive service package that is specially adapted to the requirements of this market. It includes the documented intention not to make any changes to the drug master file (DMF) in the plastic formulation filed with the FDA. We also subject plastic granules in the PRO family to a range of tests conducted by external independent institutes so that customers can more easily obtain the necessary approvals for medical or pharmaceutical applications.

Benefits when Using the PRO Plastics Together

If Ultraform® PRO and Ultradur® PRO are used in an application as parts that are in contact or come into contact, this leads to advantages in the sliding friction behavior. For example, insulin pens made of both PRO grades benefit from the outstanding sliding friction properties of the different plastics.

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