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Easily and accurately quantify your product carbon footprint

"The heart of science is measurement," Erik Brynjolfsson said. BASF values transparency, building out tools so you can see your true carbon footprint of your products made from BASF materials. 

Our innovative tools are all-encompassing yet easy to use. Intent is good. Proof is better. Let's start measuring your product carbon footprint together.

Product Carbon Footprint

Learn about the total Green House Gas (GHG) emission generated by your raw materials with BASF’s digital solution. BASF product carbon footprints include GHG emissions from our production processes, from the use of utilities like electricity and from the purchased raw materials. By the end of 2021, approximately 45,000 BASF products will have their PCF data. 

In addition to bringing higher transparency to your CO2 footprints, BASF supports you in achieving your sustainability targets with recycled and renewable content with its portfolio of biomass balanced solutions(BMBcertTM) or with products from the ChemCyclingTM project

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How to reduce carbon footprint with BASF
StartUp autobahn awarded for reduce product carbon footprint


STARTUP AUTOBAHN is a prime example of how BASF’s expertise on PCFs can help partners in the industry value chain reduce CO2 emissions. It is an innovative platform that connects startups of all development stages with industry-leading corporate partners to combine technical know-how with professional expertise.

Through the interaction of blockchain, sustainability, innovative companies and a startup, the digital tool “CarbonBlock” was developed. It allows to calculate the carbon footprint of a complete car. 



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