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North America
Plastic Additives


Plastic parts in the electrical and electronics industry as well as in automotive, fiber applications and industrial packaging can buildup electrostatic charge and dust. To ensure safety and a clean appearance, BASF offers additives that act as permanent antistatic and anti-dust agents.

BASF antistatic agents reduce the risk of electrostatic discharge Electrical and Electronic Parts. Used in electrical and electronic parts, Irgastat® P reduces the risk of electrostatic discharge that can damage processors, microchips and charge-sensitive parts. The additive also minimizes the risk of explosion caused by electrostatic discharge.

BASF’s Irgastat® P also prevents plastic parts from attracting dust. In a car, light-colored, permanently clean parts like sun visors and overhead compartments contribute to increased perception of comfort and appearance.

When used in monofilaments and tapes, its benefits comprise of inherent antistatic network throughout the polymer, permanent effect during lifetime of polymer, good performance at low humidity (<10% relative humidity) and no migration

Last Update October 13, 2021