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North America
Plastic Additives


Used in very low amounts the clarifier has extremely high process resistance (no haze or yellowing, even after multiple extrusion steps) and an excellent organoleptic profile. It also helps to provide an attractive appearance and allows contents to be seen.

Nucleating agent presents a good compatibility in crystalline polymers, with no problem of blooming and is non-extractible. It provides improved transparency at low concentrations.

Irgaclear® XT 386 is a high efficiency clarifier used to dramatically improve the clarity of both homopolymer and random copolymer polypropylene and allows improving overall polymer-performance with respect to optical, thermal, organoleptic and mechanical properties. It is highly effective at low concentrations and is ideally suited for injection molded and thermoformed polypropylene food and storage containers as well as blow molded bottles.

Irgastab® NA 287 provides enhanced mechanical and optical properties, heat deflection temperature as well as high resistance to warpage of semi-crystalline polymers. It raises crystallization temperature and provides higher molding productivity by allowing shorter cycle times. Furthermore, it supports thin wall design and weight reduction.

Last Update October 13, 2021