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North America
Plastic Additives

Polymer Modifier

Irgatec® CR 76 is a novel, peroxide free polymer modifier for polypropylene. It allows a controlled degradation of polypropylene during processing leading to a narrow molecular weight distribution. It is highly efficient at extrusion temperatures exceeding 250 °C and therefore particularly suited for polypropylene meltblown applications. Polypropylene meltblown nonwovens produced with Irgatec® CR 76 exhibit higher hydrostatic height, improved air permeability as well as higher long-term thermal stability. The mechanical properties such as tenacity and elongation are also improved. Polypropylene nonwovens produced with Irgatec® CR 76 are not irritant to the skin and, therefore, are suitable for many hygiene and medical applications. Irgatec® CR 76 is not reactive at low temperature and therefore does not require special storage conditions.

Last Update October 26, 2021