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VALERAS®: creating new VALue for plastics in an ERA of Sustainability

At BASF Plastic Additives, we are committed to shaping a sustainable future for the plastics industry.

With growing scrutiny on the use and disposal of plastics, we are focused on delivering solutions that contribute to the sustainability of plastics: making them lighter, stronger, and more durable. Beyond that, we constantly innovate to create a circular economy by developing new solutions for recycling with our partners.

We have bundled our most sustainable products and services on a single platform. The VALERAS® portfolio allows for resource-efficient use, extended product lifetimes, and more reusable materials, and additives for recycled plastics.  Part of our commitment to sustainability is ensuring that BASF plastic additives are safe to humans and the environment and in compliance with the latest regulations globally. RegXcellence®  for plastic additives offers our customers targeted access to comprehensive global regulatory support.

Join us on this journey. Take a look at our customer stories, featured products, and exceptional services to make sustainable plastics a reality.

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Circular Economy

Plastics have an exceptional role to play in creating a circular economy. This valuable material can be used, re-used, and eventually recycled. 

The solutions in the VALERAS® portfolio are designed to keep plastic in the loop by increasing durability of the material with light stabilizers such as those in our Tinuvin product line. 

We also develop additive solutions to enable plastics to be more easily recycled and used in new applications.

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Renewable Raw Materials

Renewable raw materials contribute to a sustainable future by reducing COemissions through their climate-neutral balance and by replacing fossil-fuel based raw materials.

The VALERAS® portfolio also contains a number of products, such as with Irgastab® FS 042-V, that contain a significant percentage of plant-based raw materials.

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Product Carbon Footprint

While BASF is continuously working to achieve net zero COemissions by 2050, more and more customers are making environmentally conscious purchasing decisions.

BASF Plastic Additives is committed to calculating and sharing the carbon footprint of our products with our customers. This information allows the entire industry to reduce greenhouse case emissions along the value chain.

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