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Performance Polymers

Finding a suitable material that performs like metal can take time and effort

The ideal material needs the strength and durability of metal, while maintaining its physical integrity in various temperatures and environments. 

The unique properties of Ultramid® B35XG8 BK – a halogen-free, flame retardant polyamide (PA6) – combines high mechanical strength with excellent heat aging retention and excellent flammability properties.

Ultramid® B35XG8 BK is an ideal choice for metal replacement in machinery part applications such as: 

  • HVAC (e.g., blower wheels, stators)
  • E&E
  • Metal die-cast parts
  • Injection molding applications

UL Yellow Card

Additional Features

Ultramid® B35XG8 BK

  • UL Yellow Card
  • RTI values of 140°C
  • Metal to plastic replacement
Physical Properties

Ultramid® B35XG8 BK

  • 40% glass reinforced
  • High tensile modulus > 13 GPa @ 23°C
  • High flexural modulus > 13 GPa @ 23°C
  • Good impact and fatigue

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