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Cellasto® Top Mounts

Cellasto® Top Mounts

Stronger, smaller and more cost effective: Compared to traditional rubber solution, Cellasto® top mounts are volume compressible. The Cellasto® structure makes it possible to implement the axial pathways of the insert with a very narrow elastomer layer on its face sides.

Driving Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) considerably affect driving comfort and dynamics. To keep noise out of the car interior, shock absorbers are connected to the body by isolating rubber bearings.

In this application, however, rubber often comes up against its limitations. This is why car manufacturers worldwide are increasingly using top mounts made of Cellasto®. Because, compared to rubber, it offers not only convincing, but also numerous advantages. Cellasto® top mounts are volume compressible. It means can be installed in a much smaller space. The housing can then be made smaller and the amount of expensive light metal alloys used is reduced.

Cellasto® top mounts therefore sustainably reduce costs, weight, and space requirements. Not least, the enormous fatigue strength of the high performance elastomer Cellasto® also helps cut costs.


Numerous Reference Projects Prove the Key Advantages of Cellasto® Solutions:

  • Driving comfort is improved
  • Driving dynamics are optimized
  • Component weight is reduced
  • Fatigue strength is increased
Last Update August 10, 2021