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Why the Independent Aftermarket relies on Cellasto®

What distinguishes a great offer for the independent aftermarket is its quality, price, and product range. Cellasto® ensures independent aftermarket automotive components can deliver OEM quality. Combining this with BASF own tools and various grades of Cellasto® available from premium to alternative lines, we offer you the broadest range of spare parts, with OEM quality and for very good price.


Broad Independent Aftermarket portfolio of Cellasto®

When you use Cellasto® in independent aftermarket applications, you can provide OEM-level luxurious comfort for a seamless experience. Cellasto® offers distributors and manufacturers for the Independent Aftermarket a broad range of jounce bumpers and damping kits, dust bellows and dust covers for nearly every vehicle make and model.

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Chassis components

BASF offers the broadest range of NVH components for the independent aftermarket like jounce bumpers and other vibration damping parts for distributors, racing, and tuning companies. 


Damping kits

BASF can help you create damping kits with your brand as well as customize damping kits for manufacturers of shock absorbers and distributors.

Spare parts with OEM quality

BASF Cellasto® is the only brand that maintains OEM quality for independent aftermarket components. The microcellular nature of this high-performance, durable elastomer brings a premium-feeling of OEM components to independent aftermarket products in terms of performance and safety. 

Since we have our own tools, you don’t need to invest in tooling. BASF Cellasto® and its products meet all OEM standards, such as IATF 16949.

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Competitive pricing

With Cellasto®, high quality doesn’t have to equal high price. With various grades of Cellasto® available, such as our premium and alternative lines, even the most budget-conscious can still create superior independent aftermarket products.


Globally networked, locally integrated customer service

Benefit from our long-term expertise in independent aftermarket components, such as bump stops and damping kits that you can create with your own brand.

BASF Cellasto® also provides:

  • Technical service, product stewardship support and competitive offers for local and global businesses    

  • Global reach that shortens your acquisition time 

  • Efficient supply chain management that ensures maximum value  

  • Commercial support that enhances business development and profitability

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