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South America
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Young Wild City – Footwear Design Contest

XI edition of the competition that calls for the creation of a sneaker model to be proposed on a shape and a sole developed especially for the project.

rhino want to walk on wood beam danger concept

Polyurethanes for footwear: contest for young designers

Students, guided by design and modelling teachers, came up with their highly-creative interpretations for the sole project, designing and producing original and innovative sneaker models and produced in collaboration with BASF Italia. A panel of professionals selected the three best footwear styles from a point of view of concept and design.
Garden of stones in Hong Kong

Winner of the contest

Prize Winner: Marco Degan

Second place: Diego Turrin

Third places: Greta Concolato, Nicolò Guido


Man running
Background information

The product: Sneaker, the evolution of the species

Our cities are “asphalt jungles”, territories crossed by “rivers of automobiles”, mutant sites where agglomerations of buildings resemble forests. These are the themes that inspired the XI edition of the “Footwear Design Contest”, this year focussing on the concept of “Young Wild City”.
Background information

The basis: A sole developed by Linda Lipari and Renzo Tramonte

The united forces of the two designers creates a mix of experience and originality. The Young Wild City project is born of a desire to mix metropolitan trends with natural trends, in particular with the world of animals.
Background information

The strength: Politecnico Calzaturiero

The educational program at the School of Footwear Design and Technology makes it possible to learn by doing, working directly with the footwear – and more recently accessory handbags – production process “on site”, starting with the stylist’s concept, passing through the creation of the model, and concluding with the finished product.