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South America
Plastics for Furniture

Realizing innovations with our materials - and more - for your furniture fittings!

Whether you manufacture hinge systems for furniture, lift systems for kitchens or pull out systems for drawers, our engineering plastics will ensure you achieve the highest possible quality. Our products feature: dimensional stability, tribological properties, creep resistance, good combination of stiffness and toughness.


We work in very close cooperation with our partners from the furniture fittings industry to develop optimized engineering plastics that satisfy specific requirements e.g. functions, haptics or optical characteristics.

Our materials for you:

  • a large variety of POM grades (Ultraform®)
  • high productivity PA grades (Ultramid®),
  • reinforced PA 6 (Ultramid®) and
  • Ultramid® T, Ultramid® D and Ultramid® Advanced N for special applications.

But that’s not all - we deliver more than just the material.

We offer our customers a large number of services to guarantee that their requirements will be satisfied:

  • Technical service
  • CAE support
  • Tech-days and training courses
  • Precise material data
  • Performance of material tests

Is there anything we can help you with? Simply contact us, we’ll be happy to help.

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