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Cellasto® Semi-Finished Parts

Our portfolio comprises 1,500 different products. We can draw from this pool of geometries of molded parts and spring characteristics to develop a solution for any task you ask us to accomplish.


Key Properties of Semi-finished Parts Made of Cellasto®

  • Custom-made
  • Low compression set
  • High volume compressibility
  • High resistance to many chemicals
  • Very good static and dynamic long-term behavior
  • Application range for ambient temperatures between -30 °C and +80 °C

Semi-finished parts made from Cellasto® can be processed into a great variety of technical appliances. In close cooperation with our customers we develop the specifications to compile all product requirements. Then we check if we already have a product with similar features in our pool and modify this one, if necessary.

Semi-finished parts form the basis for a vast number of industrial applications. Special requests from customers are realized at short notice. For custom-made products our team of designers is at your service.

Small quantities of rotation-symmetric parts are manufactured at low cost from Cellasto® tubes and bars through

  • cutting,
  • milling and
  • turning.

Plane-surface parts are shaped by

  • water-jet,
  • conventional cutting or
  • punching.

Tailor-Made Products off the Shelf

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