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Design meets Asthetics : 

Introducing  Elastollan Soft Touch Series - the material that makes smart wearables fashionable

Smart and beautiful: two qualities consumers can't get enough of in their gadgets. BASF has picked up on this trend and help brands meet these trends with its latest Elastollan Soft Touch Series.

This revolutionary material is able to create a luxurious or modern look with a soft touch, and leather-like texture while simulating the feeling of natural leather and improve the aesthetics and haptic characteristics in consumer electronics devices. The result - comfort, soft touch and style all in one.

Whether it is a leather loop, a metallic coloured design , a fiber strap or a rugged woven nylon band ,  Elastollan Soft Touch is the perfect material for your next consumer electronic wearable and accessory needs.

Benefits to everyday consumers

Why should brands choose Elastollan Soft Touch?

  • Soft Touch
  • UV Stabilty 
  • Non blooming
  • Dynamic Compression Set 
  • Low COF with different surfaces
Benefits to manufacturers

Why should OEMs choose Elastollan Soft Touch?

  • High Performance
  • Easy Colouring 
  • Non blooming
  • Dynamic Compression Set 
  • Design Freedom - even with the most intricate designs
  • Strong bonding with plastic material
  • Easy Demoulding 
  • Cost Effectiveness

Made possible with our trusted partner - Meiban 

Elastollan Soft Touch  is only made  possible with laser texturing technology enabled by BASF partner -  Meiban® Corporation with its Innovation Meiban Skin (IMS) technology.

This IMS technology allows a variety of specially crafted and designed textures and graphics to be embossed on the new material; enabling design versatility to be fulfilled with the Elastollan Soft Touch Feel series. It is perfect to be used for consumer electronics accessories and products such as watch straps, speakers , laptop covers where style and functionality is crucial.

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