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Certified compostable bioplastics close the food value chain loop

The Earth's nutrient loop is precious, and we are committed to helping lessen human impact on the environment. BASF’s certified compostable plastics fully biodegrade after use, and thus enable e.g. organic waste bags to compost in industrial composting facilities or certified soil-biodegradable mulch films to be ploughed in agricultural soil after usage.

Help avoid microplastics in the organic waste stream and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by incorporating certified compostable bioplastics into your packaging applications.


Application: Bags for organic waste, fruit and vegetables bags, cling film, agricultural mulch films, paper coating, thermoformed and injection-molded packaging


Sustainability performance:

  • ecovio® portfolio with certificates for home and industrial compostability as well as soil-biodegradability acc. to EN 13432 and EN 17033
  • ecovio® enables separate organic waste collection and thus increases the amount of nutrients returned to the soil
  • Products made of ecovio® can replace conventional non-compostable products typically contaminating the organic recycling streams thus helping to reduce microplastics in compost
  • ecovio® prevents food losses by increasing shelf life of fruits and vegetables
  • Mulch films made of certified soil-biodegradable ecovio® can replace thin mulch films made of polyethylene to prevent microplastics in soil, save water and prolong soil fertility
  • ecovio® is food-contact approved

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Biodegradable plastic bag for food grocery shopping  made of BASF ecovio
Biodegradable plastic for sustainable products
Elastoflex compostable bioplastics from BASF


Application: Blend partner of other renewable raw materials to compound other bioplastics, e.g. ecovio® by BASF


Sustainability performance:

  • ecoflex® is certified compostable in accordance with DIN EN 13432 and ASTM D6400
  • ecoflex® is an enabler for expanding the material properties of compounds to develop certified compostable alternatives as drop-in solutions
  • Studies show the advantages of ecovio® for production, packaging and shelf life as well as for the waste collection of food - the advantages are based on the material’s certified biodegradability in industrial and home composting as well as in soil enabled by ecoflex®

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