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Performance Polymers

Technyl® (PA)

A partir del 1 de septiembre de 2020, BASF ya no utiliza la marca Technyl para productos procedentes de la reciente adquisición del negocio de poliamida de Solvay. Todos los antiguos grados Technyl ahora están integrados en la familia de productos Ultramid® de BASF.

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The engineering plastic Technyl® is based on PA6 and PA66 as well as on various co-polyamides such as PA66/6. The product is available for a range of demanding applications automotive, construction, consumer electronics, consumer goods industries, as well as various industrial applications.


The most important applications of Technyl®

  • Thermal management
  • Metal replacement
  • Fire protection
  • Fluid barrier
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Technyl® ‒ versatility in material and application

Many applications are possible, especially in automotive, construction, consumer electronics , industrial and consumer goods industries.

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Processing of Technyl®

Technyl® can be processed by all methods known for thermoplastics. The main methods are injection molding and extrusion. Complex moldings are economically manufactured in large numbers from Technyl® by injection molding. The extrusion method is used to produce films, semi-finished products, pipes, profiled parts, sheet and monofilaments. Semi-finished products are usually further processed by cutting tools to form finished molded parts.

The Technyl® product range

The basis of the Technyl® grades are polyamides which are supplied in a variety of molecular weights or viscosities, have a range of additives.

The Technyl® range comprises the following groups of products:

Technyl® BLUE range is a heat stabilized material family for automotive thermal management combining superior hydrolysis and thermal ageing performance in presence of aggressive coolants.

Technyl® ORANGE, a brand-new range of fire-resistant products for high-voltage automotive components and cabling in electric vehicles.

Technyl® ranges meet growing demand for downsized engines that combine lightweight performance and power output.

Technyl® One is a new polymer technology that effectively yields high temperature performance.

Technyl STAR® encompasses high flowability grades that offer unmatched freedom for part design. 

Technyl eXten® is a partially bio-sourced polyamide. It allows to reduce the carbon footprint and to preserve non-renewable resources.

Technyl® Max caters for powertrain system mass in electrical vehicles and their strong demand for cost-effective light-weighting solutions.


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Please note that BASF does not sell or distribute any Technyl grades to customers and distributors inside the European Economic Area and Switzerland.

TECHNYL® is a registered trademark of Domo.