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    Construction Energy Infrastructure

    Energy Infrastructure

      BASF improves safe, reliable transport and production of energy resources through our diverse infrastructure product portfolio.

      Specializing in pipeline insulation and field applied systems, BASF also supplies the industry with coatings, elastomers and pigging materials.


    Oil and Gas Pipelines

      Maximum performance on- and offshore requires thinking big right down to the smallest detail. BASF product range from high performance insulation to engineered elastomer systems are dependable for the most challenging environments.

      Learn from the following sections how BASF materials enhance performance of key applications for the oil and gas industry.


      Onshore Pipeline Construction

    Rigid Foam Insulation

      Elastopor ® & Elastospray ® - Rigid insulation foam

      Pipeline insulation prevents heat loss and in cold climates helps maintain a warmer pipe temperature to avoid freezing or cracking. BASF polyurethane systems provide high mechanical strength and thermal performance for a variety of applications including oil and gas pipelines, district water pipes and industrial tanks. BASF systems for pipeline insulation can be used to meet CSA/ISO standards and have local production in the United States and Canada.

    Continuous Spray Insulation Systems
    High throughput
    Easy to vary thickness
    Excellent thermal properties
    Fast setting
    Custom formulated
    Suits flammability, temperature, and competitive strength requirements
    Discontinuous Pour Systems for Pipe-in-Pipe Processing
    High flow
    Excellent thermal proposition
    Easy to process
    Custom formulated
    Suits flammability, temperature, and competitive strength requirements


      Elastospray ® - Breakers

      BASF rigid polyurethane foam systems are ideal for pipeline construction projects that require ditch breaks for erosion and sedimentation control.  BASF breaker foam systems are designed for high throughput installation offering less labor intensive installation and better pipeline support than alternatives such as sandbags, straw bales, and silt fencing.

      Breakers are built without the aid of a form and can be sprayed vertically from the top of the ditch, eliminating hazard.  

    Ditch Foam
    Product Highlights
    Quick cure time
    Cost effective
    Low exothermic reaction
    Water-tight to eliminate soil erosion
    Quick installation time
    Easy to transport


      Elastospray ® - Pillows

      BASF polyurethane systems for pipeline pillows  provide excellent compressive strength and protect the pipeline from damage in the ditch.  Fast and easy to install, pipeline pillow systems improve safety during pipeline installation.

    Rock Shield

      Elastospray ® - Rock Shield

      BASF polyurethane systems for rock shielding are fast, effective alternatives to rock guard or sand and can be applied on the most rugged of terrain.


      Elastotite® ROCK GLUE- Resilient Erosion Control.

      Resilient and durable, ROCK GLUE is a highly effective solution for erosion control and shoreline protection. ROCK GLUE is an open-pored revetment solution that maintains structural integrity and can be used in a variety of applications including shorelines, rivers, drainage channels, and other embarkments.

      ROCK GLUE offers significant design flexibility for integration into natural landscapes. The monolithic, porous structure easily conforms into various shapes and promotes natural re-vegetation.

      Offshore Insulation and Specialty Elastomers

    GSPU Line Coat

      Elastoshore ® - GSPU Pipeline Insulation

      BASF Elastoshore GSPU insulation material was specially developed for flow assurance in deep waters.  The excellent thermal properties ensure a constant temperature and therefore continuous flow of the oil inside the pipeline even over long distance. As a result, the amount of chemicals injected into the oil can be reduced significantly- a real cost saver.

    GSPU Line Coat Properties
    Good thermal properties
    Reduced wax/hydrate formation
    Reduced injection of chemicals and maintenance costs

    Field Joint

      Elastopor ® - Field Joint Systems

      BASF systems for offshore field joints stabilize and protect pipelines in the area of the welding seams .  Offering both open-cell rigid roam or a solid elastomer, BASF joint materials fill the space between two pipe sections for both stiff and flexible pipelines.  BASF systems can be tailored to customer or project requirements.

    Field Joint Properties
    Infill density: 100-250 kg/m3
    Impact test: > 12 KJ
    Open-cell content: > 80%
    Water uptake: neutral buoyancy

    Anode Taper

      Elastoshore ® - Anode Taper Materials

      Elastoshore anode taper materials fill the gap between the metal pipe and anode. The fast-curing polyurethane from BASF Elastoshore range reliably keeps the sacrificial anode intact.

      BASF provides materials for two processing techniques: by machine or by hand. The anode taper can be used even in places where there is no machinery available.

    Anode Taper Properties
    Hand or machine processable
    Good mechanical properties
    Fast cycle time

    VIV Strakes

      Elastoshore ® -VIV Strake Materials

      Pipeline are subject to extremely strong forces on its way from the stinger to the bottom of the ocean.  The helix-shaped, elastomer-molded fins of VIV strakes vertically drain off high horizontal water flow velocities and prevent the pipeline from vibrating. BASF polyurethane materials for VIV strakes  have outstanding properties: easily achieving stinger loads of 70 tons or more.


    VIV Strakes Properties
    High stinger loads: 70 t
    Fast demold
    Abrasion and impact resistant

    Bend Restrictor

      Elastoshore ® - Bend Restrictor Materials

      BASF elastomers for bend restrictors are molded into shapes like a spiral column, protecting the pipeline against overloading and buckling.  Bend restictors allow the pipeline to flex- but not too much. The pipeline stays exactly in the right position, regardless of the flow of the material inside.

    Bend Restrictor Properties
    Easy processing
    Excellent physical properties
    High Young's modulus

    Bend Stiffener

      Elastoshore ® - Bend Stiffener Materials

      BASF Elastoshore bend stiffener materials material is suitable for both static and dynamic systems. Straight and stiff or able to move dynamically: BASF  tailors solutions  to the application required. Bend stiffeners produced with BASF materials protect the pipe from tensile and bending forces through delimitation of the bending radii, restricting both movement and stress.

    Bend Stiffener Properties
    Systems for static and dynamic applications
    Easy processing

    Cable Protection

      Elastocast ® - Cable Protection

      Abrasion and impact resistance, BASF polyurethane cable protection systems protect subsea cables from sand, rocks, coral reefs, trawler boats and other obstacles presenting risks.

      BASF Elastocast cast elastomers provides rapid demold and easy processing for cable protection.

    Cable Protection Properties
    Fast demold
    Abrasion and impact resistant
    Good physical properties

    Buoys and Fenders

      Elastocoat ® & Elastopor ® - Protective spray systems for buoys and fenders.

      For bouys and fenders, BASF offers floatation systems and coating systems.  Elastopor flotation foams meet Coast Guard requirments for marine applications.  Elastocoat spray elastomer coating are developed for versitility across various application options. The wide hardness range allows consistencies from rubbery to very firm.  

    Buoys and Fenders Properties
    3 different types of material: ployurethane, hybrid and polyurea
    Hardness: 60A - 75D
    Good physical properties

    PIGS- Foam & Elastomers

      Elastoflex ® & Elastocast ® - Customized for all pipelines.

      With BASF Elastoflex, pipeline inspection gauges (PIG) with a foam core do a perfect job when it comes to cleaning and maintaining the pipeline without interrupting the process flow.

      The special product properties make the pigs highly resilient and ensure good compressive strength.

      In order to give you maximum application flexibility, BASF Elastocast provides the typically polyester-based pig discs as two or three component systems processed by hand or multi component machines, depending on item size and gel time.

    Pigs Properties
    Range of molded densities and diameters
    Excellent compressive and tear strength
    Easy processing

    District Heating and Cooling

      BASF materials provide excellent insulation for heat and cold protection applications in pipelines. In addition to thermal benefits, our polyurethane systems have a wide range of processability to suit various manufacturing methods including rotating spray continuous belt and traditional pipe-in-pipe procedures.

    District Heating and Cooling
    Product Highlights
    Low water absorption
    Wide temperature range
    Energy efficient in pipeline insulations

    LNG- Liquified Natural Gas

      In additon to pipeline insulation, BASF Elastopor polyurethane systems can used in LNG applications including cryogenic pipe supports.  Easily molded into many shapes and sizes, polyurethanes offer high compressive strengths and thermal performance even in extreme cyrogenic temperature environments.

    Product Highlghts
    Excellent thermal properties under extremely low temperatures
    High compressive strength
    Custom formulations
    Easy to process
    Excellent insulating properties


    External Coatings

      Elastocoat® Protective Coatings

      Elastocoat polyurea coatings are durable, abrsion resistant, and versatile.  Polyurea coatings are an excellent choice as a hardcoat to protect insulation materials or directly to metal to extend tank life.

    Elastocoat 95540
    Product Highlights
    Excellent hard coat
    Abrasion resistant
    Animal resistant
    Polyurea Coatings
    Product Highlights
    Thick film coating
    100% solid, no VOC
    Fast curing
    Abrasion resistance
    High elongation
    Impact resistance (hail protection)


      ELASTOSPRAY® Spray Applied Polyurethane Foam Insulation

      BASF tank insulation provides freeze protection, stabilized temperatures, and fluid flow, which in turn reduces costs on all fronts.

      BASF ELASTOSPRAY is specifically formulated for tank insulation, and is designed to make your job easier.  

    Elastospray 2973
    Product Highlights
    Designed for vertical spray: low drip, fast set
    Smooth surface
    2 lb density
    Excellent adhesion to steel
    Spray Foam Insulation
    Product Highlights
    Seamless insulation
    Fast insulation
    Low labor costs
    High R value
    Field applied and in-plant applied

    Tank Pedestals

      Tank pedestals provide a stable and durable platform for tanks to sit upon, with many benefits. The foam core tank pads are light-weight and very easy to  install, saving time and money. By being lifted off the ground, the tank pads prevent the tank base from contacting moisture, working as an insulator for the tank to extend its lifespan.

    Tank Pedestals
    Product Highlights
    Custom formula
    Easy to process
    High compressive strength
    Minimizes corrosion
    Non-permeable & inert coating

    Secondary Containment

    Secondary Containment
    Product Highlights
    Eliminates cost of soil remediation associated with leak or spill
    Extends useful life of tanks, pipes and other components residing inside the containment
    Designed to last the life of the storage facility, minimizing replacement costs
    Low-maintenance system minimizes the costs of surface maintenance or repairs
    Return to service is in as little as one hour from the time of completion