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    Pultrusion with BASF Polyurethanes

      Pultrusion is a continuous process used to manufacture continuous fiber, constant profile composites. Polyurethane offers superior processing and mechanical properties when compared with other matrix materials such as vinyl ester and epoxy.

      In polyurethane pultrusion, continuous fibers are drawn into a closed injection box into which the mixed chemistry is introduced. Fully wet-out with polyurethane, the fibers travel into a shaped die for forming and curing. Segmented heating zones in the die allow for controlled reaction of the polyurethane such that the profile is fully cured as it exits the die. Mechanical grippers work in a hand-over-hand fashion to pull the profile through the process in a continuous fashion.

      Pultruded profiles are becoming the go-to solution for a wide range applications including automotive structures (e.g. door intrusion beam, bumper beams, roof bows), industrial applications (e.g. window profiles, storage racks, solar panel frames), construction (e.g. rebar, seawalls) and many, many others.




    Why use BASF polyurethanes for pultrusion?
    Polyurethane offers superior toughness compared to other matrix materials
    Systems compatible with glass, carbon and other reinforcing fibers are available
    Pultrusion is not limited to 0 degree fibers. Fabric textiles containing fibers in any orientation can be introduced into the process.
    BASF offers high speed, low pull-force chemistry which has been shown to allow pulling speeds in excess of 12 meters per minute.
    Demonstrating strength properties rivaling those of advanced high strength steel, polyurethane pultrusion is ideally suited for demanding structural applications in any industry
    BASF has optimized chemistry for use in state-of-the-art radius/curved thermoset pultrusion processes and demonstrated outstanding performance through intensive trials