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    Performance Polymers Ultramid® Structure

      Ultramid® Structure – High-performance Polyamide with Long Glass-fiber Reinforcement

      Ultramid® Structure is a high-performance plastic which is reinforced with long glass fibers. At the point where even optimized plastics with short glass-fiber reinforcement reach their limits, Ultramid® Structure offers new opportunities for applications in many different sectors. This is because this polyamide has a property profile that is unique for plastics and thus delivers a considerable boost in performance as a substitute for metal.

      The high-performance plastic is particularly suitable for components which are subjected to high loading in various industries:

      • Vehicle construction
      • Machinery construction
      • Construction industry
      • Sports & Leisure
      • Household appliance manufacturing

      The product portfolio of Ultramid® Structure consists of PA6 and PA66 grades with long glass-fiber reinforcement of between 40-60%.

    Ultramid® Structure, polyamide, metal substitution

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