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    Plastics & Rubber Ultradur® LUX

    Ultradur® LUX – PBT with outstanding transparency for laser welding

      Ultradur® LUX is a PBT that offers new possibilities for joining plastics using laser transmission welding. The thermoplastic shows a previously unachieved laser transparency in the range of 900 to 1100 nm – at a consistently high level. The reason for this is that with this PBT the laser beam is considerably less scattered and much less widened. At the welding laser wavelengths, Ultradur® LUX thus lets through much more light than standard PBT.

      The properties of this plastic give the processor using laser welding as a connecting method a number of advantages:

      • Greater freedom of design
      • Very wide process window
      • Shorter cycle times
      • High process consistency
      • High quality consistency
      • Greater flexibility

      Product portfolio for Ultradur® LUX, the PBT for laser welding:

      • Ultradur® LUX B4300 G6 uncolored
      • Ultradur® LUX B4300 G6 black 15092
      • Ultradur® LUX B4300 G4 uncolored
      • Ultradur® LUX B4300 G4 black 15092

      Laser welding with Ultradur® LUX – a quick and clean joining method

      Laser transmission welding is a clean joining method which allows welding of parts with complex geometries in a quick, particle and vibration free way. This combination makes laser welding an especially interesting joining method with sensitive electronic parts. With Ultradur® LUX it is possible to use and exhaust this method in a way which has not been possible with PBT up to now.

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