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Drive forward mobility with our automotive plastics

Alternative powertrains, lightweight construction, emission reduction, design flexibility, driver assistance systems. These are some of the trends that are driving both you and us. Let us show you how our extensive portfolio of automotive plastics including Engineering Plastics and Polyurethanes can be used to provide you with tailor-made polymers in the automobile industry. 

Plastics offer unlimited potential to engineering. They are so special because they contribute significantly to our quality of life wherever they are used. This is particularly true for plastic in cars: with their versatile properties and numerous application possibilities, they make today’s mobility more efficient and safer, more comfortable and more beautiful. 

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Our polymers for a versatile application range in cars

Whatever your specific needs for the variety of different applications are -  BASF as an global and experienced automotive plastics supplier combines new material developments and services in order to create system solutions for your ideas. The properties of our polymers used in cars are as manifold as your applications: Explore the various possibilities!

Transportation virtual car E_E.jpg


Automotive plastics from BASF enable innovative solutions for car electrics and electronics. Engineerig Plastics as well as Polyurethanes are indispensable when it comes to safety, comfort and energy efficiency in modern vehicle concepts. Innovation in automotive design is significantly driven by electrical, electronic and mechatronic systems. Recent driver assistance systems, networked and electric mobility will accelerate this development even further.

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From headlamp housings via door handles to the roof – plastic in cars offer the right combination of lightweight, appearance, functionality and system costs. They cover a wide range of applications for flat and complex components like glass roofs, body panels and structural components. Our polymers used in cars enable long-lasting components that are UV and weather resistant, withstand high temperatures and show attractive design.

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Parallel to the implementation of automated driving and the emergence of alternative powertrains, the car interior will transform into an extended living room. With automotive plastics modern and innovative car interior designs can be realized. Besides high-class surfaces, smart haptics, improved acoustics and long service life, the materials convince with efficient production, global availability accompanied by a reliable service.

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When it comes to the development of challenging components and materials for the automotive powertrain, BASF has been a globally reliable and accepted partner for the automotive industry for decades. The use of our Engineering Plastics and Polyurethane systems leads to advantages for automotive engineering like weight reduction, functional integration, improved NVH (Noise Vibration Harshness) -performance and cost savings.

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Cavity filling body in white

Chassis and body in white applications

BASF connects new material developments and services to create system solutions which give your chassis and BIW solutions the distinctive advantage. With our expanding product portfolio, we address and drive forward important engineering targets as occupant and future powertrain protection, NVH management and lightweight body structure enhancement.

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