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BASF @ K 2022

Meet the BASF Team

19. - 26.10.2022

in Düsseldorf, Germany

Hall 5, Booth C21/D21



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If you want to reduce the Carbon Footprint of your products BASF can help. We offer different solutions how to produce – MAKE – plastics in a more sustainable way. The video shows, how customers already lowered their environmental impact dramatically by using BASF plastics made from renewable or recycled feedstock. Examples come from the Danish furniture manufacturer BPI and the Italian safety shoe brand U-Power, both using BASF’s biomass balance approach or from the outdoor-brand VAUDE, producing outdoor pants from chemically recycled end-of-life tires.


It is common sense throughout the industry that in the USE phase of their lifecycle, plastics play out all their benefits and help to save energy. They improve energy efficiency through their light weight, they make products last longer thanks to their robustness and peak performance, and plastics enable more sustainable applications for e-mobility or the refrigerator industry. But better is the enemy of good: See examples from Turkey (Arçelik) and Schneider Electric (France) and how cooperation with BASF can give your business a competitive edge, too. 


Energy efficiency (Arçelik)

Click here to go to the Arçelik website!


The final destination of #OurPlasticsJourney is a circular economy, where the end is a new beginning. BASF can help you to close the loop. To advance the RECYCLE phase, BASF offers several product packages that pursue and expand all existing recycling methods. Watch the video with examples how the Valeras® portfolio of additives helped a customer to overcome the challenges of mechanical recycling and how a customer uses Ecovio®, which is biodegradable also in soil. 


Recycling plastic waste (Coldharbour Tiles)

Click here to go to the Coldharbour Tiles website!

Go!Create – welcome to #OurPlasticsJourney
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At BASF, we believe in a sustainable future with plastics. In fact, we have been doing so for more than 70 years. We were there when this journey started at K’s premiere in 1952. And we are still here. BASF is a plastics pioneer. And we have been in love with K fair since the very beginning. Today, we need to re-think how we make, use and recycle plastics.

That is why we’re working with customers and partners around the world to advance new technologies that enable design for circularity, reduce CO2 emissions, and give plastic waste a new life. Together, we want to improve the ways plastics are made, used and re-used and discover completely new solutions to close the loop.

Solving these challenges is a journey that we are all on together. What are we waiting for? Let’s make that journey go faster. K 2022 is the perfect place to do exactly that.

Join #OurPlasticsJourney at K 2022 and Go!Create a better future.

Make - Use - Recycle


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