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On the way to rethink plastics

Plastics bring many advantages, but especially their production and disposal also bring challenges. As a plastics manufacturer, we at BASF accept this responsibility and are working on different recycling solutions to give more plastics a new life. How we want to do that? Learn more about our solutions on this page –  how we change the way we make, use and recycle plastics. 

#Ourplasticsjourney has begun, now it is time for you to embark.

We at BASF want to explore new ways to make the lifecycle of plastics more sustainable: from how we can produce plastics more resource-efficiently, to how we can use them better, to how we can give them a new life. We call this transformation #ourplasticsjourney

But we cannot do it on our own. That is why we are working with partners along the value chain and Go!create solutions together. Together we can reach our goal of a cleaner tomorrow faster.

Discover how we bring #ourplasticsjourney across all three phases of the product lifecycle (Make, Use, Recycle) forward and explore our topics – from the use of alternative raw materials to various recycling solutions. Use the filters below to find your topics of interest.

You wonder what our new solutions and approaches look like in practice? Then discover our wide range of products and the different industries in which we are active:  

How to get involved?


The challenges are huge. Join us on #ourplasticsjourney and leave us a message below. Together, we can reach our goal faster.

So, let's join forces and Go!Create together.

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