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Welcome to #ourplasticsjourney

We all know the challenges linked to the use of plastics. But can plastics be the key to a more sustainable future? We think so. Join #ourplasticsjourney and find out how we rethink plastics and Go!Create sustainable solutions together with our partners.

Plastics: Friend or foe?

Plastics have been part of our lives for some time now. They can be found in our everyday essentials such as cell phones, household appliances and our means of mobility. But plastics also bring challenges: pure plastic is derived from oil, a limited resource, and meaningful recycling has only just begun.

A journey for everyone

As we face the collective challenge to create a sustainable future, we need to embark on this journey together: industry and society – in short: everyone. We have started #ourplasticsjourney with the clear destination to reach a sustainable and circular economy. This means to protect resources, minimize waste and to make best use of the benefits of plastics. 


Is a circular economy even possible?

We think it is. We need innovation, collaboration, and creativity to realize a circular economy.  
And we have already begun to think of new ways how plastics are made, used and recycled


The choice of raw materials, product design and the manufacturing process

How plastics are made does matter. Longer lifespans and the possibility of recycling result in fewer virgin resources needed. 

The more efficient the production process is designed, the less CO₂ is emitted. By using renewable energy and alternative feedstock, we are aiming for CO₂ neutral production.


In the USE phase of their lifecycle, plastics play out all their strengths: for example, by improving energy efficiency through less weight or by reducing CO2 emissions of buildings with insulation material made from plastic. 

Thanks to its low weight, flexibility, stability, durability it is the material of choice for many products.

Changing how we use and reuse plastics can mean using them less. But it can also mean using them better or longer.
What remains to be done is to find new ways to manage the challenges around the use and reuse of plastics, without ignoring their benefits for climate protection and for society. 

For us and our partners this means to continuously improve our products’ performance and to find new ways to extend the use phase.


The biggest problem with plastics is that still too much end its life in the landfill or are incinerated. As of now, we cannot recycle all plastics yet. But we and our partners are committed to innovate to treat plastics for what they really are: a valuable resource that needs to be kept in the cycle of production. We are making the sorting of plastic more effective, mechanical recycling more efficient and are developing new recycling technologies like chemical recycling or certified compostable plastics.

How to get involved?


The challenges are huge. Join us on #ourplasticsjourney and leave a message. Together, we can reach our goal faster.


So, let's join forces and Go!Create together.

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