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On June 21, BASF presented our plastics journey at the K 2022 press conference of Messe Düsseldorf - a date for all news from the plastics industry! On this page you will find all the stops regarding the press information and the press conference.

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BASF at K 2022: Accelerating the journey towards a sustainable future with plastics

BASF will present its Plastics Journey to advance towards the goal of a circular economy at K 2022 trade fair, which is the #1 trade fair for plastics and rubber. The Plastics Journey consists of three phases which represent the lifecycle of plastics: MAKE, USE, and RECYCLE. BASF offers market-leading products and solutions for all three phases of this journey.

Click here for the press release (English version)

Click here for the press release (German version)

Press Photos

MAKE - VAUDE outdoor pants - compressed.jpg

MAKE: Outdoor pants made of old tires

Recycled pants based on old tires: The new product line of the outdoor apparel company VAUDE which is already available in stores, does not only stand out due to its timeless design, robust material and simple reparability – the pants are also sustainable, as chemically recycled scrap tires are used as a raw material. ©VAUDE/Attenberger


USE: A green Miniature Circuit Breaker

With Ultramid® Ccycled, BASF provides a robust and safe material solution for Schneider Electric’s Miniature Circuit Breaker Resi9 for residential applications. It is a flame retardant compound using a 100% recycled PA6 made from pyrolysis oil derived from end-of-life tires. ©Schneider Electric

RECYCLE - Steelcase Flex Perch Stool.jpg

RECYCLE: From electronics waste to a sustainable stool

BASF and Steelcase have collaborated on Steelcase’s Flex Perch Stool, which has sustainability and circularity at the forefront of its design. The stool ist made with an injection moldable polyamide 6 that utilizes a material from a waste stream generated during electronics production. The stool itself at 100% recyclable. ©Steelcase

Impressions from the K 2022 press conference