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North America

Energy Infrastructure

BASF improves safe, reliable transport and production of energy resources through our diverse infrastructure product portfolio. Specializing in pipeline insulation and field applied systems, BASF also supplies the industry with coatings, elastomers and pigging materials.


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Oil and Gas Pipelines

Maximum performance on- and offshore requires thinking big right down to the smallest detail. BASF product range from high performance insulation to engineered elastomer systems are dependable for the most challenging environments.

Learn from the following sections how BASF materials enhance performance of key applications for the oil and gas industry.


Onshore Pipeline Construction

Offshore Insulation and Specialty Elastomers

District Heating and Cooling

BASF materials provide excellent insulation for heat and cold protection applications in pipelines. In addition to thermal benefits, our polyurethane systems have a wide range of processability to suit various manufacturing methods including rotating spray continuous belt and traditional pipe-in-pipe procedures.

District Heating and Cooling

Product Highlights

  • Low water absorption
  • Wide temperature range
  • Energy efficient in pipeline insulations

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LNG- Liquified Natural Gas

In additon to pipeline insulation, BASF Elastopor polyurethane systems can used in LNG applications including cryogenic pipe supports.  Easily molded into many shapes and sizes, polyurethanes offer high compressive strengths and thermal performance even in extreme cyrogenic temperature environments.


Product Highlghts

  • Excellent thermal properties under extremely low temperatures
  • Moldable
  • High compressive strength
  • Custom formulations
  • Easy to process
  • Excellent insulating properties

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