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Geotechnical Solutions

Polyurethane Systems for Civil Engineering Challenges

BASF has applied extensive experience and processing know-how in polyurethane systems to develop resilient product solutions for some of the most difficult engineering problems. BASF geotechnical solutions are specifically formulated and extensively tested for applications including concrete & foundation stabilization, void filling large spaces like mines & sinkholes, and erosion control / slope stabilization.


Polyurethane Foam Jacking

ELASTOPOR® LF  Concrete Lifting / Leveling Systems

BASF has engineered a suite of reliable, high performing slab jacking products capable of addressing a wide array of concrete leveling and stabilization challenges. ELASTOPOR LF polyurethane foam jacking products can be used in applications including: driveway / sidewalks, parking lots, warehouses, foundations, roads and highways.


Product Highlights

  • Fast return to service
  • Moisture tolerant
  • High compressive strength
  • Controlled flow
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent wetability
Type System Name Density (lb/ft3) Feature Applications
Lifting/Leveling Foam ELASTOPOR LF 2050


Standard system* Residential, small slab lifting
  ELASTOPOR LF 2150 2 Hydro-insensitive system** Resdiential, small slab lifting
  ELASTOPOR LF 4050 4 Standard system Commercial and highways, medium to large slab lifting
  ELASTOPOR LF 4150 4 Hydro-insensitive system Commericial and highways, medium to large slab lifitng
  ELASTOPOR LF 6050 6 Standard system Commercial and highway with heavy loads, large slab lifitng
  ELASTOPOR LF 6150 6 Hydro-insensitive system Commercial and highway with heavy loads, large slab lifting

* Standard- most commonly used products

** Hydro-insensitive- used in wet soil conditions or after rain

ELASTOPOR LF Slab Jacking Process

elastopor setp1.PNG

Step 1: A small 5/8" hole is drilled into the concrete.

elastopor step2.PNG

Step 2: Polyurethane foam is injected through the holes.

elastopor step3.PNG

Step 3: Liquid polyurethane reacts to become a foam expanding 20x its liquid volume.

elastopor step4.PNG

Step 4: Foam expands and fills in all the gaps in the soil.

elastopor step5.PNG

Step 5: Concrete lifts, becoming level with the surrounding concrete.

elastopor step6.PNG

Step 6: Holes are filled with concrete upon completion.


For more information on ELASTOPOR LF, contact


Void Fill

ELASTOPOR VF  Void Fill Systems

Void fill systems are used for filling large voids/spaces fast. Safety challenges like sink holes, mine closures, culverts, etc. can be addressed quickly. ELASTOPOR VF systems are designed for low exotherm and allows for very fast fill of large spaces. Pour system has excellent flow for hard-to-access areas.

Type System Name Density (lb/ft3) Feature Applications
Void Fill Foam ELASTOPOR VF 2250 2 Pour system Large voids, high volume fills
  ELASTOPOR VF 2260 2 Spray system Large voids, high volume fills

For more information on ELASTOPOR VF, contact

Soil Stabilization

ELASTOPOR® GS Polyurethane Soil Stabilizer

ELASTOPOR GS enhances the physical properties of loose or weak soils. Stabilization can improve the shear strength, as well as control the shrink-swell properties of a soil for higher load bearing capacity.


Product Highlights

  • Higher resistance values
  • Reduction in plasticity
  • Lower permeability
  • Reduction of pavement thickness
  • Cost effective
soil stab.jpg

For more information on ELASTOPOR GS, contact

Elastotite® ROCK GLUE Resilient Erosion Control

Effective Erosion Protection and Shoreline Stabilization.

Resilient and durable, ROCK GLUE is a highly effective solution for erosion control and shoreline protection. ROCK GLUE is an open-pored revetment solution that maintains structural integrity and can be used in a variety of applications including shorelines, rivers, drainage channels, and other embarkments.

ROCK GLUE offers significant design flexibility for integration into natural landscapes. The monolithic, porous structure easily conforms into various shapes and promotes natural re-vegetation.  


Product Highlights

  • Porous and water-permeable
  • Strong and resistant to weathering
  • Reduces wave run-up
  • Lower cost for construction and maintenance
  • Seamless integration into environment
  • Restores flora and fauna; protecting neighboring habitats

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ROCK GLUE Ballast Binder

ROCK GLUE is a two-component polyurethane system developed for the reinforcement and stabilization of loose bulk ballast stones on railway tracks. ROCK GLUE can reduce rail track maintenance and increase service life of tracks. ROCK GLUE is ideal for wet / erosion prone areas and steep embankments.


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ROCK GLUE Pervious Pavement

ROCK GLUE polyurethane systems are combined with aggregate to create a strong, water- and air-permeable paving surface. ROCK GLUE surfaces have many interconnected voids and a high degree of porosity for effective percolation of water. ROCK GLUE is easy to process and offers attractive design options. ROCK GLUE is recommended for applications including paths, walkways, and open spaces.

ROCK GLUE Pervious Pavement

Product Highlights

  • Water-permeable
  • Strong
  • Eco-friendly, does not seal the ground
  • Vast design scope
  • Cost-effective

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