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Powertools with BASF plastics are built to resist

Powertools have to show excellent performance, durability and efficiency in order to be successful in the market. The used materials play a vital role in keeping the user safe and the powertool operational. Our solutions ensure a long and productive lifetime.

BASF materials are well established solutions in this field and offer outstanding product properties such as high stiffness, excellent impact strength, top flame retardancy and very good media resistance. In some applications, such as hammer drills, BASFs plastic substitute metal and make the powertools therefore lighter and easier to handle.  

Our versatile powertool applications


Our performance materials are suitable for classical powertools, DYI solutions and the professional manufacturing industry.

Powertool Market
We offer Solutions for Industry Specific Requirements


Safety first! Our flame retardant portfolio fulfills ICE 60335-1 and UL94-V standards

Cordless & battery driven powertools have been on the rise for the last years. Even professional powertools for the construction industry are now equipped with high performance battery packs. Battery-operated tools show very high performance, which in return results in demanding safety requirements.  The broad BASF flame retardant portfolio offers excellent solutions in this field! Our materials meet both the well-known UL94-V standard and the norm for unattended household appliances (ICE 60335-1). In addition, a large part of our solutions can be colored lightly, which allows customer-specific tones.

Please contact us if you want to know get introduced to further flame retardant products.

BASF Solutions for Batteries (examples)

Ultramid® FR Portfolio


Our gardening solutions


Our performance materials make your gardening application even better: Durable, sustainable and safe to use!

Our engineering plastics portfolio

Our material solutions ensure that your products are light weight, safe and durable.

We offer excellent mechanical properties and impact strength hence supporting a long lifetime of your final products. Our portfolio of Ultramid and Ultradur flame retardant grades fulfill all relevant fire standards because safety, especially of battery driven devices, is a key requirement. Since design in terms of weight optimization, haptics and usability is no less of important we also offer special grades to support those disciplines as well. Get in contact and challenge us.

We offer more than just materials

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